Sarasota Kids/Youth Kung Fu

Wing Chun & Kickboxing

  • Learn Defensive Strategies for Multiple Ranges
  • Loads of Fun in Every Class
  • Learn Life Saving Techniques
  • Learn Anti Bullying Skills

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Kids Self Defense with JKD Concepts

Many parents worry about their children being picked on by the bullies of the world or being threatened for their life. Kung Fu including JKD (Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do) is a great way for preparing for these unfortunate events. We find that training helps our kids improve their awareness, hand eye co-ordination and Self Confidence.  These are the key to knowing your environment. The best way to avoid a bad situation is to be aware of what going on around you before it happens.

Our classes work on building a solid foundation with attainable objectives, which help increase our children's overall confidence.

Youth Wing Chun & JKD

Curriculum Includes Chinese Kickboxing Kung Fu Kicking Full Wing Chun Seizing & Throwing

Kids JKD | Sifu Brian Taylor

Kids ages 7 and up.
In our Full JKD Series, we train a well rounded knowledge of Self-Defense so that your kids will have the confidence needed to stand up to bullies! As Bruce Lee once said, " you have to train every part of your body". And this is what our Full JKD Series does. In addition, they will learn focus, self respect, discipline, social development skills and more. All in a safe, fun and structured curriculum.