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Foshan Wing Chun Lineage

Sifu Brian Taylor has been studying & researching the Chinese martial arts since 1990 along side Grandmaster Frank Roper. He is the senior disciple of the late Grandmaster Frank Roper a master of both Wing Chun and Shaolin Five Shape Fists. Master Frank Roper had several instructors which included Master Fernandez Frashure who taught Wing Chun between 1979-1989. Master Frashure lived and trained in the Philippines between 1945-1955 where he trained in martial arts.

A Few words about forms

Lineages have produced many variances in the layout of the form Siu Lum Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Tsz, Mook Jong etc. because each master's goal is to advance his or her skill or the art for the better. So forms change over time. It is a natural progression. This is how a traditional martial art can become something great. Sometimes however techniques or concepts are lost or completely misunderstood somewhere in the passing down from one generation to another. It really depends on the student and the intellectual ability to comprehend the techniques. With this being said, it is important to not just blindly follow a lineage but to instead test the technique against real fighting simulations.

A Few Words Of Wisdom | How To Choose A Lineage

It matters less as to what lineage and more to can that person actually do it. In my opinion, any lineage can produce a very high skill as long as the skill is effective.  For those that only rely on seeking out a teacher just by what lineage they claim is missing out on opportunities.  As I have seen, most teachers claiming well known lineages actually possess a very low skill set, even those that claim to be masters.  So poor, in fact, that they can not even use the most basic techniques effectively, yet they claim such lineages as May Yat, Yip Man, Ho Kam Ming and many others. Just because someone is Chinese or claims a well know lineage such as these or others, does not mean that he or she can apply techniques correctly or effectively. So be wary of lineages, fancy tea ceremonies, and flashy lights. If you are one that is chasing lineages you might be passing up something extraordinary. The best way to find a great Sifu is to go and touch hands with that person.

See if there is something to be learned.

– Sifu Taylor

 Wing Tsun Lineage

 Yat Chum
Cheung Ng
 Fernandez Frazhure (Philippines 1944 - 1955)
Frank L Roper (1964-2016)
Brian Taylor (1974-)