Sarasota Tai Chi Instructor Recognized By China Master Zhu Baolin

Master Zhu Baolin will formally recognize Sifu Brian Taylor on Saturday, May 19th, 2018 at The Internatioal Chinese Martial Arts Center of Sarasota as the 21st generation inheritor of Chen Tai Chi. Following the ceremony, Sifu Brian Taylor will become the first official student in the United States to receive this title under Master Zhu Baolin.

Master Zhu Baolin, of Chenjiagou village, has promoted Chen Style Tai Chi culture since the 1990s. Master Zhu began his studies under his father, Legendary Tai Chi Master Zhu Taincai of Chenjiagou village. He is the 20th generation ancestral inheritor of Tai Chi for his country.

Sifu Brian Taylor,  started his martial arts training in 1990 under Frank L Roper studying Center Fist a rare form of Wing Chun, Chen Tai Chi, and Animal Fist Boxing. Sifu Brian Taylor along side Master Frank Roper started studying Chen Tai Chi under 19th generation inheritor Chen Quanzhong of Chenjiaguo village during the 1990’s, but was never officially recognized as a direct inheritor. Following the ceremony, Sifu Taylor will inherit the official title of 21st generation successor of Chen Tai Chi.

Chen Village Tai Chi is the original Tai Chi passed down through family heirs. The health benefits of Chen Tai Chi are tremendous due to its relaxing meditative practice and physically demanding movements.

The Ceramony will be healed at The International Chinese Martial Arts Center of Sarasota located at 4088 Bee Ridge Rd, Sarasota Fl. 941-315-8280

Call 941-315-8280 for RSVP

Sifu Brian Taylor & Zhu Baolin