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About Sifu Brian Taylor | Instructor

Sifu Brian Taylor began studying Chinese Martial Arts in 199o under the tutelage of  Grandmaster Frank L. Roper who taught a unique form of mixed Chinese boxing derived form Hung Gar, Wing Chun, and Shaolin. Having been influenced by the late Bruce Lee' JKD, Roper later developed his own style of boxing. Sifu Williams is one of a few ranked under Grandmaster Roper to teach his unique style of JKD.

Sifu Taylor studied Chen Tai Chi under Grandmaster Chen Quanzhong a 19th generation Chen villager along side Grandmaster Roper during the early 90's. Sifu Taylor has also studied Chen Tai Chi with Master Zhu Tianchi of Chen Village. Sifu Taylor is currently teaching the original Chen Village Tai Chi and Wing Chun with JKD Concepts. He is ranked as Grandmaster under Sifu Frank Roper fighting system, and has ranked first category in multiple martial art competitions. He is an expert in both actual fighting, and martial art theory. Sifu Taylor has been teaching for twenty years. He is currently offering Wing Chun classes in Sarasota teaching the entire Six family curriculum.

Sifu Brian Taylor and Students

About Simo Jacqueline Chu | Owner | Assistant Instructor

I am Jacqueline,  the owner of Sarasota Wing Chun & Tai Chi Center.  I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I came to the US in 2007 and finally settled down at Sarasota,  a wonderful place that has everything but a real Kung Fu school.  Therefore,  Sifu Brian Taylor, my husband, and I decided to open our school to share the authentic but also up to date martial arts skills to the community.  You do not have to buy an airplane ticket to Hong Kong or China anymore.

Nowadays, self defense is important no matter where you live or how old you are.  Put away your cell phones and electronic devices for a little while.  Just come join us.  It is that simple.

Jacqueline Chu

Jacqueline Chun | Sarasota Wing Chun & Chen Tai Chi