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Cross Training vs Traditional Martial Arts

We offer programs in both traditional Chen Tai Chi or Wing Chun Kung Fu as well as an Elite Combat program designed to give you a more rounded knowledge of defending at different ranges based on JKD Concepts.

If you prefer a traditional martial art as your primary self defense strategy then we can offer you this option. If you prefer a more broad range of knowledge, then we recommend you try our CrossTrain MA™ JKD program. This program covers techniques from Wing Chun, Filipino Boxing, Chinese Kung Fu, with JKD Concepts.

The JKD Concept of defending at multiple distances, rhythms, or timing is a one of our key fundamentals, and these provide the student with a clear understanding of defense. Street fighters can be very dangerous if a traditional martial artist has never experienced such a thing. Our curriculum is designed with drills designed for defending against different types of fighters. If you are a typical Wing Chun student coming from a traditional school then you probably have never experienced defending against a boxer who possesses superior footwork and the ability to attack by changing angles instantly. This is only one of the reasons that we recommend our Elite Fighter Program which prepares you for these situations.