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Many people are spellbound with the mystical taiji (tai chi) legend of the Taoist monk Zhang Sanfeng, who purportedly invented taijiquan through dreaming about or observing a fight between a snake and a crane in Wu-dang Mountains. Although there were historical insinuation and various circumstantial factors involved in the popularity of the Zhang Sanfeng legend, it is for the most part human nature to enjoy and believe in legendary stories. 

Most of the practitioners’ unawareness of taijiquan being an effective health exercise, as well as an in-depth internal martial arts training, can be explained in terms of taijiquan’s evolution and practice. After years of research and study of historical documents it is now known that tai chi chuan came from the Chen family 9th generation Chen Wangting. Also the five major taiji styles either directly or indirectly come from the Chen Tai Chi. Their origins can be traced back to a small village located in Henan, China, with the name Chenjiagou, literally, Chen family trench.