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What We Are About

We are the US Headquarters for Master Brian Taylor, the student of Master Zhu Baolin of Chenjiagou Village, the birth place of Tai Chi. Sifu Brian Taylor in partnership with Master Zhu Baolin has brought Chenjiagou to Sarasota. Offering for the first time a curriculum based on the original Tai Chi.

Master Zhu Baolin is the Eldest Son of Master Zhu Taincai. Zhu Baolin is the 20th generation ancestral inheritor of Tai Chi. He learned from his father since he as 8 years old and had no other teachers. Sifu Taylor is the 21st Generation Inheritor and Chief Instructor for US Relations under the Zhu family. He is teaching the original forms in Sarasota Florida.

We are offering to anyone interested in learning the original Tai Chi as taught in Chenjiagou Village. Classes are instructed by Master Brian Taylor.

In this class, we will learn basic body mechanics for Tai Chi which include warm-ups, hand positions, foot positions, how to turn, how to breathe, how to relax the mind with meditation, and other things. Exercises can be adjusted based on age and ability.

Tai Chi is a wonderful practice for all ages, the health benefits are endless. If you are interested in learning Tai Chi, I recommend learning the original forms from a pure source. There are a lot of Tai Chi out there but there is only one original. All other forms of Tai Chi in existence today came directly or indirectly from Chenjiagou Village. These are Ancestral Inherited Forms passed down within the family. It is a rare opportunity to lean such a beautiful thing.

Sarasota Tiancai Tai Chi Academy

Chenjiagou Lineage 

Chen Wangting
Chen Changxing
Chen Gengyun
Chen Yanxi
Chen Fake
Chen Zhaokui - Chen Zhaopei
Zhu Taincai
Zhu Baolin
Sifu Brian Taylor