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Tai Chi | Chen Village

Most modern styles of tai chi trace their development to one or more of five traditional schools: Chen, Yang, Wu (Hao), Wu, and Sun.  All 5 styles trace their origin to Chen Village.

This program is limited to 40 people, call for availability.

While it is more physically demanding than other styles you can start at any fitness level and develop your strength and endurance over time. We encourage students to attend at least 2 classes per week.


Wing Chun Series OR Full JKD Series

You can choose either our Wing Chun Series or Full JKD Concepts Series. If you prefer Wing Chun as your primary self defense strategy then we can offer you this option. If you prefer a more broad range of kung fu knowledge, then we can offer you this as well.

The Concept of fighting at different ranges is almost an absolute must in the modern day martial arts arenas. Even street fighters can be very dangerous if they use street boxing at a longer range. We recommend that if you are interested in learning a well rounded martial art to try out JKD curriculum. This curriculum included our entire Wing Chun but also adds Chinese Kickboxing, Chin Na, and Chinese Throwing.. We subdivide the curriculum so that it is easily understood and also teaches how to defend at different ranges.

Chinese Kickboxing
Full Wing Chun
Joint Locking
Seizing & Throwing
Shaolin Kicking

Chen Tai Chi


  • Improve physical, mental, emotional health
  • Moving & standing meditation
  • Strength, endurance, balance
  • Stress management and more

Adult & Teen Self Defense


  • Explosive Short Range
  • Defend Against Multiple Attackers
  • Increase Cardio and Upper Body Strength
  • Increase Flexibility

Kids Self Defense


  • Gets Kids
  • Self Discipline
  • Respect
  • Self Confidence

Message From The Owner

I would like to welcome you to our Traditional Chinese Martial Arts School.  My Name is Jacqueline Chu, and I am the owner of this School. I was born and raised in Hong Kong. We are offering what we believe is the best Chinese Martial Arts in the Sarasota area. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Sarasota Kung Fu | Jacqueline Chu posing next to Wing Chun Dummy